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Trade union conciliation is intended to help settle employment disputes.

When an employer and employee reach an agreement with the assistance of a trade union, they do so after a lot of bargaining. In these cases, seeking legal advice is key. As a matter of fact, having a third party settle your dispute makes everything easier and the trade unionist tasked with this job plays a key role in that. Studio Legale Salata works with the main Italian trade unions and is able to choose the trade unionist most suited for the job. Having in-depth knowledge of the work contract that the dispute arises under is an important step towards mediation success.

However, being familiar with the subject matter is not enough to finally settle a dispute. Mr Salata has developed a breadth of experience in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Negotiation is more than an interplay of supply and demand, as it happens in the free market. When it comes to employment law, a trade union conciliation requires someone who is trained in mediation techniques.

Negotiation is an ancient art that cannot be improvised.

Trade union conciliation aims to minimise conflict also during the course of the employment agreement. We are often asked to settle disputes during the course of the agreement in order to improve the employment relationship.

In some cases, it is the employer who realises that they have made a mistake when assigning a job category to an employee or paying employee benefits. In these situations, not only is resorting to Trade Union conciliation mandatory, it is also a way to improve the existing contract.

At the end of the Trade Union conciliation, the parties sign an agreement with the same enforceability as a court order. A Trade Union conciliation leading to an agreement is far more effective than an employment dispute in terms of both cost and time. What is more, while the outcome of the conciliation depends on the parties, an employment dispute is settled by a third party.

If you have any work-related problems or require further advice regarding trade union conciliation, do not hesitate to contact Studio Legale Salata.

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