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Business owners and entrepreneurs often have a difficult relationship with trade unions. Trade unions are just as often affected by biases based on past ideological conflicts. We know that the right to run a business is enshrined in the Constitution, just like the right not to run a business at all or to shut it down. That being said, employees have a right to work in a safe environment and under fair and favourable conditions.

Many problems that occur in the workplace are the result of employers and employees failing to communicate effectively or understand each other’s positions.


The Studio Legale Salata team boasts a wealth of experience in assisting employers in complex negotiations, even with trade unions. A happy workplace is a productive workplace, which is why it is best to address workplace disputes before they negatively impact an organisation and its employees.

When employees feel engaged and understand their employer’s struggles, they are more efficient and work harder – especially in times of crisis.

Mutual trust and respect are essential for a productive working relationship with a satisfactory outcome.


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