Francesca Fabri, Lawyer

Born in 1981, Francesca Fabri is a criminal lawyer registered with the Rome Bar Association. The bulk of her work revolves around offences against the person and corporate crimes, having attended a specialization course at Istituto Carlo Jemolo. She also works with many civil law firms.

As a public defender and legal aid lawyer, she boasts extensive experience in dealing with criminal conviction matters as well.


Ilaria Napolitano, Lawyer

Born in 1974, Ilaria Napolitano is a tax lawyer registered with the Rome Bar Association, with a reputation for unmatched work ethic and legal excellence since 2003. With almost twenty years’ experience in legal practice, of which ten years’ experience in tax law, she specializes in tax matters and handles tax enforcement procedures by working with Monte Paschi di Siena and collection agents such as Gerit SpA, Equitalia SpA, and Agenzia delle Entrate Riscossione (Italian Revenue Agency).


Patrizio Stella, Surveyor

Studio Tecnico Stella has been working in the field of automotive fuels for over 40 years, cooperating with the leading brands in the sector. As a result, Patrizio Stella boasts extensive expertise in engineering and in a number of issues relating to obtaining permits in the building, environmental and commercial fields at national level.

This kind of experience is all the more valuable when applied to land registration matters, workplace safety, construction management, civil and industrial engineering, fire prevention, energy certificates, noise surveys, estimates and feasibility studies.


Mauro Cipriani

Mauro Cipriani boasts thirty years of banking experience in various credit institutions.

Besides providing advice and assistance on banking matters, he works as Expert Witness in various courts and is an accredited member of OAM (Italian list of agents and brokers held by the Bank of Italy and the Ministry of Finance), as well as a Senior Consultant in Ordinary and Facilitated Finance for the Lazio Region / Central Italy, and an expert in budgetary analysis and financial planning.


Ti Traduco

Ti Traduco is a well-established translation agency providing translation and interpreting services in all languages and specializing in the legal field. Delivering high-quality language solutions to both companies and private individuals, the agency serves many law firms and notary’s offices, translating judgments, appeals, deeds, and other official documents to be used in Italy or abroad. Ti Traduco delivers translations that are not just highly accurate, but also fully certified, offering certification and legalization services at the Prefecture, the Court, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The office in Rome is headed by Directors Maria Letizia Fanello and Giorgia Mercedes Parente.