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Studio Salata Chi siamo

We don't just work for our clients, we assist them!

This choice of words clearly shows our desire to provide a service, not to sell a product. We believe in the social mission of lawyers, to defend those who believe their rights and interests have been violated.

We want our clients to see us as true teammates. With words and concepts that are easy to understand, we help individuals and companies in their daily lives, prevent pitfalls and help them realise their projects.

We understand our clients because we are like them. The professionals who work with our law firm are husbands and wives, parents and children, landlords, tenants and condominium co-owners. Through their experience, they try to understand the person requesting assistance and advise them in the best possible way.

Studio Legale Salata in Rome is a small business itself. To a small degree, we know what it’s like to balance a budget, to have to make tough decisions that impact the lives of our employees and their families. We know what it is like to make personal sacrifices, investing your hard-earned money in an uncertain dream. We know what it means to dare and believe with all our might.

For all these reasons, we are the ideal law firm in Rome for people who struggle every day to make their mark in what they do, whatever that may be.


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