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Our first goal is to safeguard the person. Family is the most important asset we have. We believe family is the core of society, and for this reason we are determined to protect it as a common good that cannot be evaluated in commercial terms.

If you want to “destroy” your partner, our firm is not for you!

If, on the other hand, you want, consensually or otherwise, to change your life path by ending your marriage, Studio Legale Salata is at your disposal to make this transition as positive an experience as possible.

People end their marriages for all sorts of reasons:

  • family abuse,
  • infidelity,
  • in-depth knowledge of their partner,
  • traumas affecting a person to the point of changing their behaviour,
  • different interests,
  • boredom,
  • personal growth,
  • prostitution,
  • coming to terms with one’s homosexuality.

All of these cases have in common the need to end the marriage and begin a new phase of one’s life.

Studio Legale Salata is the ideal partner for legal separation and divorce and we are able to assist you in this difficult time of transition, perhaps one of the most difficult of the human experience. We will do so with professionalism and empathy. Not rubbing salt into a wound should not be mistaken for weakness. If our Firm accepts your case, we use every legal means at our disposal to enforce the rights of our clients.

Children are the most critical aspect of any separation or divorce agreement. Child protection is our top priority. We also have experience in dealing with the matter of children who are of age but not self-sufficient. This issue is often confused with that of “lazy or living-at-home” adult children.

If you wish to initiate a legal separation or divorce, or simply modify its conditions, contact our law firm specialising in separations and divorces for some initial free advice.

Any change, no matter how big, always starts with awareness!