Aurelio Salata
Founding Partner
Avvocato Aurelio Salata

Aurelio Salata is a lawyer specialising in civil law, former  partner of 24Ore Avvocati (Sole24Ore Group), former university professor of Personal Data Protection Law, and member of the Privacy Commission of the Rome Bar Association.


After winning a scholarship with AFS – Intercultura Onlus (2000-2001), he obtained a high school diploma both in the United States and in Italy. He graduated in Law from Sapienza University of Rome with a final dissertation in European Union Law. Wanting to pursue a career in international law, he passed the bar exam both in Italy (Rome) and in Romania (Bucharest).

Following a two-year legal traineeship in two renowned law firms in Rome, in 2011 Aurelio Salata started his career as a lawyer providing legal assistance to companies and individuals both in Italy and abroad.

He is on the list of attorneys who can assist U.S. citizens abroad maintained by the U.S. Embassy.

He is also a highly experienced mediator who knows the alternative methods of dispute resolution being used in other legal systems and successfully applies them to the Italian legal system.

His exceptional relational skills, along with his international connections across multiple sectors, make Aurelio Salata the perfect partner for all those small- and medium-sized enterprises who are trying to expand or consolidate their business.

Aurelio Salata has also developed an interest in social issues: for over two years he was Deputy Vice-chairman of Confassociazioni Giovani, an association for young professionals under 35. He was also one of the founders of Youth Economic Summit (YES), the first hub to promote young talents in Italy.

Heavily committed to volunteering, he is a member of Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri (National Police Association) in the First Cavalry Squadron of the Roma-Trionfale Section, which is involved in forest fire prevention and provides first aid and assistance to people affected by disasters and conflicts. Mr Salata currently serves as Head of External Relations and Fundraising.

Last but not least, he is the President of Aspera, an association for professionals pushing for social innovation. Aspera aims to bring together business, science and culture by building a thinking community of public and private sector partners who have the ability to address social issues and create a lasting, positive impact on society.


Aurelio Salata seeks to contribute to human progress by doing good for the sake of good!


Telefono: +390689418992 - +390689418993


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