Vanessa Ivone
Executive Partner
Avvocato Vanessa Ivone

Vanessa Ivone, lawyer specialising in civil law at the Court of Rome, graduated in Law from Roma Tre University with a final dissertation in Family Law entitled “Fondo patrimoniale e tutela dei minori” (“Family trust and child protection”).

During her legal traineeship, she worked with struggling families who had to be assigned a court-appointed guardian.

As a lawyer specialising in Real Estate Law, Condominium Law, Family Law, Publishing Law and other areas of Civil Law, Vanessa Ivone has been known for her unmatched work ethic and professionalism.

Her keen interest in Condominium Law led her to attend courses and eventually pass the ANAMMI exam (National-European Association of Property Managers). In doing so she gained an in-depth understanding of the problems that condominium managers have to face every day.

Vanessa Ivone also works for a renowned real estate company that has been operating in Rome for over twenty years, which allowed her to gain valuable experience and expertise covering all aspects of buying and managing important real estate complexes.

Vanessa Ivone is also experienced in intellectual property protection and trademark registration.

She has a lifelong interest in music and assists a renowned record label based in Rome that supports emerging new talents. In addition, she provides legal advice to a music magazine featuring articles, reviews, and interviews with emerging artists on a monthly basis.

Vanessa Ivone is also committed to social issues. Her clients appreciate her ability to listen and her wealth of experience in the field of family law and divorce.

As a woman, wife, and mother, the safety of families is her number one priority.


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