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Studio Legale Salata was created by Mr Aurelio Salata with the intention of reinterpreting the legal profession in entrepreneurial terms.

The professional’s function has been gradually devaluated, shortening the distance between the lawyer and his clients; thus, to be able to keep assisting his clients, the lawyer must meet them half way, rather than wait for them to contact him for an appointment.

The modern lawyer must be able to bring innovative solutions to problems that are now presumed.

Studio Legale Roma
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Knowing how to make a case is no longer enough! In fact, today the aim is to avoid it!

To be effective, a modern lawyer must have multidisciplinary skills, ranging from marketing to accounting, from psychology to human resource management. Further professional training is as essential as the experience of the people giving advice.

All these peculiarities can assume the necessary relevance only if the profession is interpreted as an attitude of mind of the lawyer who practices it.

We don’t just work as lawyers, we are lawyers!

Being a lawyer is an expression of the role we want to play in society, without limitation of time or context. With this in mind, Ms Vanessa Ivone is the only partner and soulmate Studio Legale Salata will ever have.

The Law Firm is structured to provide assistance to individuals and companies, each with its own specific needs. The success achieved in more than ten years of activity has made it possible to structure the firm in two locations, with talented workers who abide by principles that should inspire modern lawyers.

Our constant search for new challenges and passion for what we do make our law firm unique.

Faq avvocato roma

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