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One of the most effective business tools to overcome the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly the creation of business networks. These allow two or more entrepreneurs to pursue common goals in order to increase their innovative capacity and individual competitiveness on the market, while protecting the legal and operational autonomy of the aggregating companies.

Creating a network allows entrepreneurs to join forces, share their companies’ factors of production, but not confuse them with those of others.

Employees are often among the factors of production that are brought into the network. As a matter of fact, employees are one of the most sensitive factors of production. The business network implies overcoming the concept of secondment, and, within the network, the workers are employed where they are more productive. From secondment, we have moved to co-employment. By means of special rules of employment and effective employment contracts, the concept that an employee must necessarily have only one employer has now been superseded. The employees working within networks are instructed and subject to the disciplinary power of multiple employers.

Within Business Networks, circulation of VAT can be eliminated in the relationships between network members.

Through the networks, the cost of services such as legal, commercial or employment advice can be centralised and reduced.

We assist entrepreneurs who want to set up Business Networks in all phases of the project:

  • project design;
  • establishing the timetable;
  • design of internal control bodies;
  • creation of internal regulations;
  • drafting and certifying the rules of employment contracts;
  • internal and external contractual relationships;
  • certification of procurement contracts.

Through accountants and employment advisers with whom we have been working for years, we can assist the Network and the Network Members with all their needs.

If you are an entrepreneur and you need to cut production costs and simplify the taxation of your company, feel free to contact our law firm experienced in business networks, we will help you to recover the time you have already lost!