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Corporate crises happen when management control fails. Often, especially in these years, a company crisis is not due to an entrepreneur making wrong choices, but to a series of factors related to third parties. The most common cases involve clients’ bankruptcy, rather than the alleged professional negligence of consultants who assisted the company in the past.

Our law firm specialising has a significant experience in the management of corporate crises of small and medium-sized enterprises. We can successfully restructure the companies we work with, but also steer them within a controlled dissolution, so that the director and the shareholders suffer the least damage possible.

We offer a wide range of legal services tailored to your needs:

  • Examination of all asset and liabilities;
  • Examination of liabilities towards the Italian Revenue Agency and social security institutions;
  • Cancellation or arranging of instalment plans for debts with the Italian Revenue Agency;
  • Supplier debt deferral plans;
  • Obtaining business loans;
  • Opening of insurance claims for professional liability of consultants;
  • Bankruptcy procedures (composition with creditors, voluntary bankruptcy);
  • Crisis management procedure: composition with creditors for small enterprises not subject to ordinary bankruptcy, debt restructuring plan, controlled liquidation of the debtor, debt restructuring procedure;
  • Transfer of the business abroad, in search of more prosperous markets;
  • Enforcement of guarantees;
  • Restoration of creditworthiness;
  • Debts cancellation for over-indebted individuals;

Businesses fail, entrepreneurs don’t! The possibility of a business having an unfortunate outcome is inherent in the business activity itself, in the entrepreneurial risk. A frequent mistake made by Italian entrepreneurs is that of identifying themselves with their own company.

An enterprise is nothing but a tool. If it doesn’t succeed it certainly involves a loss, but you either fix it or you replace it. Understanding whether or not the company can recover is in any case the first step towards restructuring!