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A contract is an agreement that establishes, modifies or terminates a legal relationship between two or more parties. It is a means through which to purchase goods or services.

Drafting a contract is a complex task because it must take into account all the possible legal implications of the countless possible human behaviours. This is why a sample contract may be a starting point, but certainly not the solution.

There is no such thing as a contract that will work for two different situations.

There is no such thing as an “unassailable” contract, as many like to say;

There is no “standard” contract that a company can apply to all of its business dealings.

The contract is “alive”, it adjusts to the needs of the individual parties involved and changes with the progress of its parties’ experiences.

Studio Legale Salata has over ten years’ experience in drafting commercial and cooperation contracts between private individuals and companies. In 2019, the experience of Mr Aurelio Salata was certified by 4CLegal and recognised by Gruppo Sole 24Ore. Studio Legale Salata was the first firm in Rome to be accredited as a Partner 24Ore Avvocato  for commercial contracts.

We believe that a contract is effective when it satisfies all parties who sign it and does not need a third party to enforce it: a well-made contract will keep you out of court!

The commercial contract is one of our main working tools, allowing us to protect interests, mediate and avoid litigation. While we boast a very small number of legal proceedings initiated by our clients, we are proud of the high number of mediations, negotiations and settlements we successfully achieve.

The main contracts we deal with are:

  • Network contract;
  • Procurement contract;
  • Settlement for claims collection or debt deferral;
  • Settlement for expedited compensation of damages;
  • Lease agreement (for residential and commercial use);
  • Employment contract;
  • Trade union conciliation;
  • Bank contract;
  • Insurance contract.