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Studio Legale Salata works primarily with small and medium-sized family-owned businesses in the following areas:

  • Services;
  • Information Technology;
  • Logistics;
  • Transportation;
  • Pharmaceuticals.

These companies are created by a founder who made many sacrifices and who is strongly focused in the production activity, and thus has no time, energy or knowledge to deal with some business aspects.

For more than ten years, we have been convincing the entrepreneurs we work with that preventive advice costs much less and is worth much more than bringing court proceedings. We are used to supporting entrepreneurs in their decision-making function on a daily basis, becoming an indispensable partner.

We have proven and consolidated experience in the companies’  management control. When we start working with a company, we apply an intervention scheme that has always brought great benefits to our clients.

  1. We conduct an analysis of all contractual relationships from both the creditor and debtor standpoint.
    • This allows us to promptly identify any risk situations. We take corrective action where possible and inform our client of the potential risk in other cases. Being aware of a risk is halfway to being able to protect against it .
  2. We start a technical discussion with the company’s accountant, labour advisor and safety consultant.
    • Thanks to the advisers who have been working with Studio Legale Salata for many years now, we are able to successfully cooperate with the professionals who assist our clients. Being able to communicate in technical terms, being both constantly updated about the latest legislative changes, allows us to be more efficient and proactive.
  3. With the help of their consultants, we help the entrepreneur to plan short, medium and long-term goals .
    • Particularly in family-run businesses, rational planning helps to reduce the burden of upcoming tasks and facilitates generational change.
  4. We provide ongoing assistance for all issues relating to civil, tax and employment law.