We strive to be more than just “lawyers” – we work to be true advocates for our clients!

We are determined to put the client first, supporting them in every aspect of their life, both professional and private. Sometimes, our clients carry a burden too heavy for a person to bear alone. However, they know they can share their worries and concerns with us.

This is why we think that our job is not limited to solving problems or winning a case. What we strive to do every day is to make a difference in our client’s lives.

We believe that human life is all about relationships. We at Studio Legale Salata establish a personal rapport with our clients, we try to work through their difficulties and we do our very best to find solutions suited to their needs.

We do not pretend to understand what our clients are going through when they turn to us. However, our many years of experience allow us to confidently predict the outcome of any legal matter.

If you are a private individual seeking legal advice on condominium disputes, adultery or guardianship issues, look no further! We are here for you!