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After a person dies, their estate has to be dealt with. The shock caused by the death of a loved one is often associated with the quarrels that ensue between heirs.

Studio Legale Salata can protect all heirs, whether there is a will or it is an intestate succession. Our experts can assess the authenticity of a holographic will, as well as the validity of a will made by public deed.

Challenging a will will result in the initiation of legal proceedings, so it is most essential to seek the advice of lawyers with experience in the field.

Those who rely on us at such a difficult time are aware that we will conduct a scrupulous collation (listing of the assets of the estate), including indirect as well as direct donations.

The area of dispute often concerns the donations made during the lifetime of the deceased, consisting of small gift that may appear as daily-life gifts but which, if evaluated from a long term perspective, can be deemed to be actual donations.

Just as often, it is necessary to identify exactly who is entitled to inherit and establish the family tree using different databases. Identifying the right person is the first step in attempting a settlement and avoiding long and cumbersome years of litigation.

Studio Legale Salata always chooses the path of settlement through assisted negotiation and mediation procedures, offering its services through an extremely experienced team of inheritance lawyers.

If you think that at your death your heirs may argue, you might consider contacting us. We will be happy to examine your estate, consider possible scenarios and avoid future disputes.

If you need assistance with succession or inheritance matters do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will assist you with all aspects of succession, both legal and commercial.