Running a business means pouring your heart and soul into your work, fighting every day to make your vision a reality, finding a balance between your dreams and your resources – which are never enough.

Entrepreneurs are the heroes of our time; they invest their own money and fight against all odds to make their venture a success. It is more than just a business to them – it is family.

We at Studio Legale Salata in Rome stand with business owners and support the mission of these extraordinary men and women who are the driving force of the economy, both in Italy and abroad.

We provide ongoing legal advice, helping entrepreneurs make ordinary as well as extraordinary management decisions for their business on a daily basis. Throughout the years, we have forged partnerships with renowned accountants and employment consultants, which allow us to provide our clients with more than just legal advice.

In this way, we can offer a full view of the impact of potential business decisions and make accurate projections and forecasts.

Supporting entrepreneurs with management control is our top priority. As we all know, it is not unusual for business owners to struggle with managing various aspects of production due to time and workload pressures.

We work across diverse industries and sectors, including logistics, pharmaceutics, medicine, and constructions, just to name a few.

Our tailor-made service guarantees that our customers always receive a prompt response (even within 6 hours and at their premises). What is more, we always do our best to avoid becoming embroiled in complex legal disputes.

If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise, we are the ideal partner for you!