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The number of liability lawsuits against attorneys, doctors and notaries has been rising sharply in recent years.

On the one hand, we are seeing professionals forced to work at an increasingly frenetic pace, thus increasing the chances of making mistakes, and on the other hand, we imported from abroad the belief that we can claim damages for any matter.

Studio Legale Salata specialises in professional liability lawsuits, both for the sued professionals and in favour of those who believe they have suffered damage due to malpractice, imprudence or professional negligence.

We carefully study the cases brought to our attention and only initiate court proceedings we believe in.

These days we talk too easily about professional liability. The matter is complex and must be supported by robust evidence. Experienced professionals accustomed to conducting this type of litigation is critical to its successful outcome.

In any case, in line with the policy of our law firm, we do not leave any attempt at an amicable settlement of the dispute before initiating legal proceedings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any issues regarding professional liability. We will examine your case and provide you with more information on the documents required to determine whether, and to what extent, professional liability can be established under the circumstances of the case.