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Work is one of the fundamental aspects of an individual’s existence. At the same time, work is the most expensive and indispensable factor of production in any business production process. Creating the right harmony in the trade-off between productivity, costs and respect for human dignity is becoming increasingly difficult.

The relentless pace of production and the cost at which the government burdens the factors of production have diminished the role of workers to that of machines. We live in an economy of production that is attempting to turn workers into robots.

Studio Legale Salata is at the forefront of the constant search for a compromise between business needs and the protection of workers’ dignity. Since the concept of the opposition between companies and workers has been superseded for years, we offer innovative solutions to increase the purchasing power of wages and reduce the tax burden on companies.

We do not merely deal with work-related matters from a purely labour law standpoint, but we also analyse every aspect from a tax and insurance standpoint. A company is like an orchestra engaged: all instruments must be in synch and finely coordinated!

With a view to finding a balance between the production classes of the country, for over ten years Studio Legale Salata has been providing small and medium-sized companies with assistance on:

  • Corporate welfare;
  • Workplace safety;
  • Union relations;
  • Disciplinary sanctions;
  • Employment claims;
  • Union conciliations.

If you wish to achieve a business balance that protects your employees and at the same time allows you to reach a certain marginal profit, please don’t hesitate to contact us!