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Studio Legale Salata has extensive experience in real estate. We assist companies that purchase real estate as part of their business to make it a production tool.

Our professionals are able to provide a wide-ranging support in the following processes:

  • Finding real estate to buy through sale between individuals or real estate auctions;
  • Town-planning study of the real estate asset;
  • Management and contracting of the entire property renovation process;
  • Reliability assessment of potential tenants;
  • Drafting and management of lease agreements;
  • Evictions for termination of the lease;
  • Evictions for rent arrears;
  • Preliminary purchase and sale agreements;
  • Autonomous management of relations with tenants and condominium managers;
  • Actions for the protection of possession;
  • Actions for land boundary establishment;
  • Action to enforce usucapione claims;
  • Challenge of shareholders’ meeting resolutions.