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Jobs Act in Italy

The word Jobs acts is referred to a reform of Labor Law in Italy. It was implemented and further promoted by Renzi Government through the legislative measures.

Wanted to hire people from Italy? Well, people living in Italy with no doubt are the competent people. If you are a foreign enterprise then it is not a difficult task to hire people from Italy now. You can easily invest in Italy.

With certain legal preconditions it is possible to hire an employee in Italy without the duty to create an establishment with all the related regulations, concerning, in particular, bookkeeping, added value tax, financial statements and income tax obligations.

Every company that is present in Italy as an employer has to comply with all legal provisions governing the social insurance and descriptive labor agreements, including the duty to pay social security contributions and wage taxes.

If an employee from the Italy is hired, the employment contracts and payroll are governed by Italian labor law.

The registration of the company in Italy as a company or employer without the duty to create an establishment which is permanent is only possible if the tasks of the hired employee are limited to duties or business procurement activities.

Labor Contracts In Italy:

The new law stated that as the position of an employee changes, that person may be assigned to tasks assigned to a lower-level position but falling within the same legal category of jobs.

And in such a case, the employee must also receive proper training for the new assignment. If the new tasks which are assigned to the employee are at a higher level than the employee’s current original position, the employee has a right to receive some additional compensation, and the new position may also become permanent.

Part-Time Employment Contracts

According to the new legislation, the part-time employment contracts, must be stipulated in writing.

The law also states that part-time workers may not receive inferior treatment to that of full-time working members in their pay and benefits and must be compensated in proportion to their work schedule.

Full-time working members which are suffering from some serious medical conditions have the right to request to change to a part-time schedule. The same right goes when such medical conditions affect employees’ spouses or certain close relatives.

Apprenticeship Contracts

This law stated that new provisions on “apprenticeship for qualification and certificates of higher technical specialization,” with the purpose of combining academic learning and practical experience for apprentices. Professional apprenticeship contracts are allowed to be in both the public and private sectors for workers who are 17 years old.

Wages (Salary):

The wage and the related labor costs has an important effect in the economic world. Labor costs according to Italian law consist of gross salary and some additional costs which includes health insurance, accident insurance and other expenses. One particular term of the Italian labor law system of the payment is also called “severance pay“, at the moment of termination.

Measures taken by Italian Government:

The Italian government always encourages foreign investments in Italy by several measures taken in order to support entrepreneurs from the abroad:

  • Tax benefits
  • Investment loans with a smaller rate of interest
  • State guarantee for exports
  • Financial facilities


There is certain criteria for obtaining financial aid for foreign investments in Italy: the location in which the entrepreneur wants to develop a new business, the size of the investment area, the economic sector in which the business will be established. Also, the state grants some certain tax exemptions for a period of ten years for entrepreneurs who are developing a company, no matter what type is chosen, in an area affected by unemployment.

So it’s a great chance for you to invest in Italy and to hire people from Italy! You don’t need to be worried or think again and again.

You can ask anything you want to. You can take legal advice from us or may ask any question of your confusion by contacting us.

We will be honored to help you.

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