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Work is a principal vehicle of subsistence. It is an employer’s legal duty to provide a safe place of work, but workers have to do their part for safety measures to be effective.

An accident in the workplace, besides being a tragic event for everyone involved, may also dramatically affect the company’s survival and its employees. This is why safety in the workplace is something that each and every employee should take very seriously.

Many erroneously believe that workplace safety should only be addressed by people working in the primary and secondary sectors. What they do not realise is that office workers and home workers have the right to work within a safe environment too.

However, many business owners are not keen to invest in workplace safety as they believe it would impact productivity as well as their finances.

It is imperative that workplace safety be the number one priority on everyone’s mind.

Here are some of the most appalling cases that we have encountered:

  • The residents of an apartment block who wanted to repair the roof or a facade hiring a construction company that had neither the means nor the ability to carry out the works safely.

Unfortunately, clients are always looking for the lowest bid, which in turn encourages construction companies to offer unsustainable low prices. In this scenario, both parties are equally at fault.

  • A construction safety manager turning a blind eye (or two) in order to work faster (case of professional negligence).
  • Warehouse employees holding forklift races during their lunch break.
  • Road haulage drivers exceeding speed limits, skipping mandatory breaks, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or while using a phone;
  • Workers not using their equipment safely and intelligently;
  • An employee working from home using their computer while taking a bath.

In conclusion, the topic of health and safety at work is one that is high on the agenda for many businesses.

Studio Legale Salata in Rome has extensive experience in workplace safety legislation, providing legal assistance to business owners, workers and private individuals on all matters of health and safety, from training to workplace safety compliance.

Remember: asking for advice can save a life!